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The right people for the right job

Instruments used for assessing and selecting the right people for the right jobs need to be both reliable and valid to accurately and consistently predict job performance. Peak Workforce Solutions offers assessment tools that utilize the most powerful types of proven predictors to test, evaluate and select uniquely skilled people who are perfect for the job you have in mind.

Peak Workforce Solutions' Select Solutions

Peak Workforce Solutions' select solutions assess top performers for employment or contract work. Our solutions include skills testing, behavioral and personality assessments, structured interviews, phone screening, simulation exercises, and competency modeling.

Peak Workforce Solutions can develop assessment tools that utilize the most powerful types of proven predictors. These tools are based upon performance-linked research and validation. It is important that instruments for assessing and selecting job candidates be both reliable and valid to accurately and consistently predict job performance and to withstand various legal challenges.

Our program:

  • Increases the efficiency of recruiting, qualifying, interviewing and selection process
  • Attracts the very best candidates from a truly global talent pool
  • Makes better hiring and promotion decisions
  • Ensures that new employees will be a perfect fit for your organization’s culture
  • Ensures, once recruited, high employee performance

Our clients have seen dramatic improvements in key business outcomes through the deployment of our select assessment solutions. We have tied our assessments to key individual and organizational outcomes such as decreased absenteeism, turnover and theft, as well as increases in productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. By understanding the key performance metrics of your business; we design tools that will recruit and develop employees that will deliver maximum customer, financial and operational outcomes.

Take a look at some of our select solutions…

Skills Testing

As part of our select solutions, Peak Workforce Solutions offers skills testing to identify and select the most talented candidates. Peak Workforce Solutions testing includes more than 900 validated assessments for clerical, software, call center, behavioral, financial, health care, industrial and technical job classifications. Peak Workforce Solutions select solutions also assist in both the hiring and retention stages of the Talent Life Cycle.


  • Quickly Identify Qualified Candidates: Immediately receive detailed test results that are easy to interpret.
  • Improve the Screening Process: : Cutting-edge technology that ensures we interview well-qualified candidates.
  • Simulate Desktop Applications: : Interactive tests support the majority of key shortcuts so applicants are not adversely scored for using the most efficient means to answer questions.
  • Identify Training Needs: : Interactive learning exercises complement the assessment offering and are provided as a value-added solution at no additional cost.


Because individuals have unique personalities and talents, Peak Workforce Solutions offers a full range of tools that allow organizations to reliably assess personality traits and behaviors that are applicable in candidate and employee selection, development and evaluation. Our tools help companies identify areas for personal development and effectively determine how individuals will perform in groups or in specific tasks.

Peak Workforce Solutions' Behavioral/Personality Select Solutions include:

  • Personality
  • Behavioral
  • Motivational
  • Job Specific Assessments

Structured Interviews:

Peak Workforce Solutions offers two distinct interviewing assessment tools that identify top performers and increase interviewer confidence. One delivers customized research-based interviews to accurately identify talented candidates for hire and promotion. Another generates and provides a broad spectrum of job analysis tools, job descriptions, interview guides and competency profiles.

Both of these select assessment solutions offer benefits that will more effectively manage the interviewing process.

Ability and Aptitude:

Because individual abilities are not adequately captured through a resume or application form, aptitude testing provides the best method for measuring such skills. These skills can include numerical or verbal skills, or the ability to remember details, names and faces. Aptitude tests are most effective when they are constructed to be relevant to specific positions.

Ability tests include:

  • Verbal and Numerical Reasoning
  • Infinity Series
  • On-site Manager Questionnaire
  • Rapid Assessment Questionnaire
  • Retail Test Battery

Practice tests include:

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning


In order to provide worthwhile candidate experiences and deliver valid and efficient assessments of candidates’ capabilities, Peak Workforce Solutions offers customized technology-enabled assessment center exercises as part of its select solution.

Peak Workforce Solutions' simulation exercises allow candidates to enter a web-based virtual environment, such as an office, call center or retail outlet, where they interact with others and move throughout a virtual world to perform job-related tasks. Our online simulations can be tailored to depict specific requirements of a client organization, giving candidates worldwide a more realistic and relevant experience than previously possible.

Our simulation system records every action and inaction by collecting multiple data points that are saved in a sophisticated scoring and reporting engine. Every decision made by the user can be used to measure potential job success.

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