Leverage for a greater return on your investment

If your organization is supported with contract services that are divided among multiple companies with different responsibilities, they're probably not all focused on your main objective. Peak Workforce Solutions can consolidate these services, simplify your process, and strategically align these services to translate their input into a higher return on your investment. Don't let your profitability get lost in the shuffle.

Your Answer to Outsourcing

Our company goes beyond staffing and is strategically aligned with other service companies to allow us the ability to provide multiple services under one program. This capability allows you the option of consolidating multiple suppliers under one service source and management. Our industry trade alliances also provide us with cutting edge service technology and staffing industry resources to further enhance our service offering to you.

Three key deliverables for any multiple service programs are key supplier alliances, risk mitigation, and cost reduction. These efficiency gains enable companies to concentrate on their core competencies and customer demands so they can win in the market place.

Key Supplier Alliances: Peak Workforce Solutions has aligned itself with the best of the best in supplier partnerships that will create business efficiency and support process and performance improvement.

Risk Mitigation: Peak Workforce Solutions reduces the risks associated with contingent labor usage by implementing and driving compliance to corporate-wide risk mitigation policies, supplier contract terms and government regulations.

Peak Workforce Solutions' program supports company-wide security, compliance and co-employment requirements, by monitoring contract engagements, managing the on and off boarding process, and ensuring that all pre-assignment screening, security checks, and certifications are complete.

Cost Control and Reduction: Peak Workforce Solutions' program controls and reduces costs by ensuring that the procurement process of contingent workers is efficient, accurate, financially prudent, and generates timely auditable data for fact-based staffing related decisions that save money. Reductions to mark-ups, standardization of rates, volume and early-pay discounts, better usage control, and automated approvals all contribute to hard cost savings. Better planning, execution, process improvements and program management contribute to soft cost savings. The implementation of these programs has proven to reduce costs by as much as 5-25%.

Strategic Alliances

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