On-Site Exclusive

Peak Workforce Solutions' On-Site Exclusive

Every organization faces the challenge of acquiring and keeping talent in a way that is faster, more flexible and more innovative than the competition while at the same time they are trying to reduce costs and increase productivity and profitability. Companies today are re-examining their entire workforce and they are asking, “Is there somebody who can provide the same talent and staff with equal or better results at a lower cost to our organization?”

The answer is yes, and Peak Workforce Solutions has this exclusive service.

Peak Workforce Solutions specializes in providing on-site managed exclusive programs for companies with labor-intensive needs. With our specialized approach to the workforce, we offer our clients greater flexibility, improved efficiency, a better quality of hire and greater costs savings than other conventional programs in the market.


Our exclusive programs have delivered costs reductions that have averaged between 15% and 50%. Many of these savings come from:

  • Improved reductions in fringe and wage costs
  • Improved quality of hire resulting from our selection and screening process for identifying best-match candidates
  • Improved quality assurance controls that drive cost savings and operational efficiencies
  • Improved methodologies to workforce development
  • Improved innovation to staffing industry concepts

Our clients gain a single point of accountability through a program supported by an extensive network of staffing experts and delivery teams. All of our solutions are powered by market-leading technologies, including available integration options.

Each of our programs offer you the following:

  • On-site specialized management
  • Customized hiring, orientation, and scheduling
  • Customized safety programs
  • Risk management
  • Employee administration
  • A dedicated exclusive database of reserve
  • Employee pre-viewing
  • Forecasting and strategic staffing participation
  • Quality assurance metrics and reports
  • Continuous program improvement

Peak Workforce Solutions provides true business to business solutions whether your needs are:

  • For special skills
  • Flexible or seasonal demand
  • Entry-level previewing
  • A complete facility recruitment
  • Temporary fill-ins
  • Outsourced functions or departments
  • A structured business savings

Because your staffing requirements are unique, Peak Workforce Solutions will tailor a program just for your company. Your Peak Workforce Solutions professional will discuss your specific case with you, because … It’s our business to know your business. Please contact us or call us at (864) 234-6077 today!

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